• Online Therapy and Coaching Sessions

    Brief interventions, personalized support.

  • Safe and comfortable from your own space.

    Advice and resources for problem-solving.

  • Anywhere you are, what kind of support would you like from me?

    The coaching relationship means growth towards the actualization of objectives.

  • Convenience, easy booking/canceling, anonymity.

    We meet online wherever you want according to availability.


Fees and Modalities:

20 Minutes Introduction Session: FREE!

Sessions of 45 minutes at 85 CHF, 78 EUR or 90 USD

Sessions of 90 minutes at 150 CHF, 135 EUR or 165 USD

Meeting on Skype or Zoom, with an appointment only, please contact me briefly introducing yourself, your problem and your goals.

Wherever you are, you can benefit from online coaching or NLPsychotherapy Sessions. I am Denis Casarsa, MA and offer personal follow up via Skype or Zoom. You can address the underlying cause of anxiety, depression and other psychological ailments. You can transform your emotional response to external events and master your own states!

Your own commitment in the process is crucial, toward transformation and self-development. I provide personal support and online services with much care, through SMS, Email or live sessions.

APNL Coaching Solutions

APNL Coaching Solutions is an Online Coaching and Therapy service of applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, and coaching resources for your own personal development.

I provide individual coaching on a single session basis of 45 minutes or 90 minutes on Skype or Zoom, and coaching follow up program, at a reduced rate for 1 month and 3 months. Contact me for details.

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