Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon of consciousness resulting from the mobilization of our attention on certain aspects of our experience.

Hypnotherapy is an accompanying procedure in the hypnotic trance, allowing the resolution of disorders. The state of trance is an inner state of deep relaxation allowing us access to the tremendous resources of our unconscious, or in other words, to the deep wisdom of our body-mind.

In a preliminary interview, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are explained, so that we can work with confidence and for your success.

The applications of hypnosis (they are numerous and not limited to this list):

  • Control of mania or habits, addictions, drugs, alcoholism, smoking, eating, bulimia, weight reduction, nail biting, etc.
  • Sleep and mood disorders, stress and relaxation, anger, anxiety, all kind of phobias, jealousy, insomnia, asthma, procrastination, pain control, problem-solving, premature ejaculation, etc.
  • Improving performance and habits of the mind, focus, concentration, memory, self-confidence, stuttering, self-actualization, psychological and spiritual healing.

APNL Coaching Solutions

APNL Coaching Solutions is an Online Coaching and Therapy service of applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, and coaching resources for your own personal development.

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