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The objective of the proposed approach is to provide support for the development of the person, for the resolution of psychological and psychological disorders and your development.

The techniques used are modern and effective, non-invasive and respectful of integrity, focused on the solution and called “brief”, from one to eight sessions.

I welcome you for individual or couples consultations in Switzerland near Lausanne, or online via Skype or Zoom.

My areas of expertise

The main focus of my work is to help you solve problems and difficulties, for your comfort and well-being. I specialised in the management of mental, moral and physical suffering.


What characterizes the “coaching” approach is the support in the dynamics of inner development, towards change and individual transformation. Coaching sets our objectives and the conditions necessary for their realization, by examining our internal strategies (what we do with our consciousness). Our strategies can be optimized and even replaced if necessary to achieve our goals.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of effective therapeutic procedures and models that address values, beliefs and behaviors of the individual. By acting on our internal representations, NLP tools modify the way in which we have “encoded” our past experiences in our brain and neurology, and changes the influence of these “programs” in our deepest feelings, to change the experience of reality in the present moment.


Hypnotherapy allows us to reach a deeper layer of our being, the realm of the unconscious, in a precise manner, to make it conscious or to modify its influence on our behaviors. The unconscious is also an immense reservoir of wisdom, which constantly provides the individual with what he needs, which regulates all our automatisms, biological and psychological functions. It is therefore often a question of restoring a natural harmony, an adequate relationship between consciousness and the forces of the unconscious.


« I have known Denis Casarsa for a more than two years, since he attended professional development courses run by my company in Thailand. He is an accomplished professional with a deep concern for the welfare and well-being of his clients, and an ability to establish good rapport with those around him and those who consult him. His professional development has included many more aspects of a widely holistic approach to mental health care than is commonly found. As a consequence he has a wide array of clinical and personal development tools available for him to use for the benefit of his clients. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for personal development, or who may need to establish some behavioral change to make the most of their life. Denis is an accomplished and widely respected professional who has an impressive track record and a belief in continuous professional development (CPD) ».

David BrookDirector of Studies, The Bangkok School of Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, 15th of July 2009.

« Denis has a presence about him that is instantly calming. A good balance of spirituality and science in his approach, I started noticing a peace and tranquility in my mind even after one session. The methods he uses are practical, easy to use throughout the day and provide noticeable emotional support, even in high-pressure situations. The anchors, “Circle of Excellence” technique, as well as meditation exercises, have been a great addition to my morning routine, work day and evenings for emotional balance, peace, self-acceptance, and clarity of thought.

I notice small (yet profound) positive changes in my behavior and the way I approach situations in between each of our sessions. Whatever he’s rewired inside my brain during our sessions… it’s working! The belief discovery work that we have done over the past few weeks, sussing out what my top values are has been a huge help not only in my personal life but also in formulating the values that I want my business to hold, how I want my company to effect the people that interact with it, and how what we do will benefit the world too. Self development is always a wise investment. And I highly recommend Denis if you’re looking for positive, lasting change ».

Amanda H.26, Canada, Marketer and Copywriter, 30th August 2015.
« I approached Denis, a professional consultant and practitioner on NLP & hypnosis on Koh Samui. We set up a set of sessions that are highly effective and enjoyable. I wanted to learn more about myself and mostly how to develop healthier ways to cope with personal and professional events. We worked about values, beliefs, behaviors, timeline, deep feeling connection, change and transform what it was needed to change to exactly get the results I was looking for!
I found NLP a great combo of communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. Denis asked me to work on some documents at home, to practice strategies he taught me for my personal development and others for my professional project. He guided me through the sessions with intuitiveness, compassion, empathy and respect. I feel blessed Denis is available one to one sessions and Skype. I have grown and evolve immensely in a short period of time and this will have a positive impact on myself and my environment. Thank you for such a great team work, your approach and methods have helped me in ways that were beyond my expectations. If each person on the planet does a personal development work to develop their potential the course of our lives and Earth will change radically in incredible ways ».
R.G, French-Guatemalan, Wellbeing Consultant, 43 years old.Koh Samui, May 30th 2017

« When I first met Denis I was feeling very low, alone and lost in the world. I did not know what to do with the overwhelming negative emotions I was experiencing at the time. Denis showed me that we have powerful resources within ourselves which can be accessed at any time to provide clarity and strength. You have had a profoundly positive impact on my life Denis and I thank you from my heart. »

Dan, from England05.09.2018